Boosting Solar Power


Next generation photovoltaics

We have the technology to produce perovskite solar cells at a high volume. Perovskites are synthesized materials with high potential as their structure makes them perfect for enabling low-cost and efficient photovoltaics.

World class thin film technology

We are experts on evaporation of thin film materials with solid  industry experience and world leading technology achievements. We use our know-how to design reliable solar cells and to fast scale new manufacturing processes.

Unique R&D and prototype line

In our high throughput R&D line we run 24/7 a large number of experiments under production like conditions. Our full panel size prototype line is perfectly designed to scale the technology.

Tandem solar cells

With our unique method to mechanically stack perovskite and conventional solar cells we achieve highest efficiency at the same time as our technology is easy to integrate.

Evolar takes PV to the next level

Mats Ljunggren

has +30 years industrial management experience in global organisations before joining Solibro 2008 as CEO. His work as CEO for Solibro Research included the responsibility to establish BIPV product development and sales of MW power plants. Mats holds a MSc degree in Chem Eng from KTH Stockholm and a MBA from Stockholm School of Economics.

Mats Ljunggren
Olle Lundberg

Olle Lundberg

received his PhD in Thin Film Solar cells at Uppsala University in 2003. He is a co-founder of Solibro and was responsible for scaling the CIGS technology from lab-scale to full size product. Olle has taken active part in ramping the first production sites in Germany and has been VP of the R&D activities within Solibro.

Lars Stolt

Lars Stolt

is professor at Uppsala University and started research on solar cells in the early 1980s at KTH, Stockholm. Lars co-founded Solibro AB as a vehicle for commercialization of the results achieved. With his +36 years experience of chairing research projects and industralization he is not only our Chief Scientific Officer but also responsible for Evolars patent strategy.

Erik Wallin

Erik Wallin

earned his PhD in Thin Film Physics from Linköping University in 2008 and has since then been instrumental in the development of thin film solar cell processes for Solibro. His main achievements include leading project teams achieving several CIGS single cell and module records. Erik is responsible for the R&D activities at Evolar.

R&D Manager
Kathrin Theelen

Kathrin Theelen

has industrial experience from several management positions in international groups  She worked as a manufacturing manager before joining Solibro. Her work for Solibro Research included product development and customer relations.  
Kathrin holds a MSc degree in Mech Eng from RWTH Aachen University in Germany from 2011.

"With our know-how in designing realiable thin film solar cells and fast scaling of manufacturing processes we are targeting a leading role for the tandem solar cell area."



November 16, 2020

Evolar secures strategic funding

We are happy to announce that we are partnering with Magnora ASA, a leading investment company in renewable energy. The raised capital will be spent to scale the processes in Evolars high troughput R&D tools and prototype line in Uppsala, Sweden and thereby bringing our technology to the market in near future.

September 7, 2020

Evolar joins Sting

Today we’re happy to officially announce that Evolar has been selected to join the Incubate Deeptech program at Sting – Stockholm Innovation & Growth. Sting provides entrepreneurs who are solving pressing problems with financing support, coaching and the networks they need to faster and smarter reach their goals. 15 new companies were selected from a total of 170.

June 11, 2020

Reward for best pitch

With start April 1st Evolar joined Uppsala Innovation Centre development programme. On todays Demo Day Evolar was announced as winner for the best pitch! “UIC- Uppsala Innovation Centre is the World’s 4th top ranked business incubator with University connection and provides business development support."

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