Evolar listed as one of Sweden´s most promising start ups!

We are proud to have made it to Nyteknik’s list of Sweden´s 33 best young technology companies.
“33 listan” is Sweden’s first and oldest start-up list which in previous years included today world-famous companies such as Spotify and Tobii. The companies on the list have in particular one thing in common: a strong own technical innovation with great business potential which can radically change a market. The companies are examined based on their potential to impact their industry and to achieve international success, as well as their business potential and financial sustainability.

Evolar is listed just two years after its founding date, which is in line with our plans for a fast track to the market. Earlier this year NyTeknik published an article about Evolar´s business kick-off after receiving a first capital injection from Magnora ASA.  Today, just a few months later, we can already present a full-size solar panel prototype based on our PV Power Booster technology. We have grown from 5 founders to 16 employees, and we are steadily expanding our team. By the end of 2022, we will have almost tripled our current workforce.