Evolar releases new video with insights into its disruptive PV Power Booster technology

Continuing the thread from the previously released teaser, Evolar has now revealed a new video exploring different aspects of its disruptive technology, PV Power Booster.

Supported by tailor-made animations and illustrations, the origin and use of perovskite, a key component of its technology, is explained together with the tandem cell concept.

Lars Stolt, Evolar's CSO and co-founder, together with Olle Lundberg, Evolar's CTO and co-founder, dive into the mechanics and advantages of the process that make the deposition of a thin-film layer of perovskite possible, evaporation.

In addition to explaining the fundamentals of the technology, the video explores the impact of the PV Power Booster technology with 3 different examples: a residential home, a building, and on a continental scale.

Wrapping together all the insights presented, Evolar highlights its PV Power Booster line as a turnkey solution for solar panel manufacturers that want to transform their modules from a commodity to a premium product by increasing their efficiency by at least 25%.

The video has been premiered at this year’s Intersolar Europe in Munich, the world's leading trade fair for the solar industry, and it is now live on Evolar's social media and website. Check it out below: