Perovskite tandem solar cells have the potential to transform the entire solar landscape.

While the technology holds great promise, no one has shown a clear path toward commercializing the perovskite tandem solar cells through industrial-scale production.

Until now.

A turnkey solution

Evolar’s PV Power Booster Line solution offers a complete and easy-to-integrate tandem cell production line that can be up and running within 12 to 18 months. A prototype production line is already operational at Evolar headquarters, enabling us to run experiments 24/7 so we can design and engineer PV Power Booster Line production modules to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Evolar has already successfully commercialized thin-film solar cell technology. We understand the process, have the facilities, and know the formula for successfully scaling up tandem solar cell production.

The PV Power Booster Line

Evolar’s PV Power Booster Line begins much like any other solar cell production process. Glass enters the line where it is washed before going through initial sputtering deposition and patterning phases. The substrates then enter the perovskite film deposition process, which relies on our unique evaporation technology.

Next, the substrates go through a high-precision atomic layer deposition (ALD) step before continuing through additional patterning and sputtering steps ahead of final inspection. 

Scalable, adaptable, dependable

Evolar is leading the way to bring our perovskite PV Power Booster technology out of the lab and into every solar panel factory across Europe. Our PV Power Booster Line solution can be adapted to meet your needs and specifications. We can provide turnkey factories ranging all the way from the MW to GW scale, depending on your needs.

Evolar’s thin-film production experts will be along for every step of the implementation process, consulting on optimal production flows and providing practical installation assistance. Evolar strives to make integrating the PV Power Booster Line as smooth and efficient as possible, minimizing potential disruptions as well as the time it takes for manufacturers to pay back their capex investment.

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