The efficiency of conventional silicon-based solar cells has stagnated at around 20 percent and the market has become highly commoditized over the last decade. But perovskite tandem solar cell technology is a promising solution for boosting solar cell efficiency. 

Perovskite: next generation photovoltaics

Perovskites are synthesized materials with high potential as their structure makes them perfect for enabling low-cost and efficient photovoltaics. While conventional solar cells are most effective at the low-energy end solar spectrum, adding a layer of perovskite allows solar cells to better utilise the high-energy end of the spectrum. Since perovskite tandem solar cells provide a much wider optical bandgap than conventional solar cells, they are a perfect option for being a top cell in a tandem solar cell. 

World-class thin film technology

Evolar has world-leading expertise on the evaporation of thin-film materials for solar cells. We have developed our own photovoltaic technology, PV Power Booster, which involves applying a thin-film layer of perovskite using our unique evaporation technology. Evolar’s PV Power Booster increases solar cell efficiency by 25 percent compared with conventional silicon-based solar panels, making the technology a potential game changer for the solar industry.

Easy integration into existing production

Evolar’s PV Power Booster perovskite technology has the potential to transform the entire global solar panel market by providing significantly higher efficiency at the same manufacturing cost per watt as conventional solar cells. The technology allows solar panel manufacturers to convert a commodity product into a premium product by integrating the technology using our PV Power Booster Line solution.